Global Leadership
In Medical Adhesive Solutions

For 165 years, Lohmann has partnered with customers across industry sectors to develop adhesive solutions of the highest quality.

Lohmann engineers collaborate with manufacturers and product developers to customize adhesive properties to the application at hand. This process of "smart bonding"—tailoring the chemistry and physical properties of adhesives to specific applications—results in exceptional adhesion and product quality.

Low trauma and long-wear adhesive solutions for advanced wound care, including negative pressure wound therapy, biosensor monitoring and testing, diagnostic test strips, ostomy and surgery

Lohmann low trauma and long-wear adhesive solutions, ranging from low to high tack, are biocompatible, non-cytotoxic, tolerant to gamma and ETO sterilization, and customizable to a variety of applications for chronic and advanced wound care, including negative pressure wound therapy. Lohmann's latest innovation in low trauma adhesive technology for advanced wound care—the DuploMED Soft-Stick™ Series—is specifically designed to improve comfort for patients with fragile skin including neonates and the elderly.

Pioneering adhesive solutions for the medical products industry

For skin bonding, reliable and skin-compatible adhesive systems are indispensable—as is a progressive and collaborative development partner and supplier of adhesive solutions. Lohmann works closely with customers to develop adhesive solutions that improve patient comfort while pushing the boundaries of technical adhesive possibilities.

Partnering to advance manufacturing processes

In the course of developing solutions, the Lohmann team identifies ways to leverage new technologies to streamline operations and control costs. They may recommend value-added dimensions to the adhesive solution that give the manufacturer a competitive boost. This strategic approach to product innovation ensures process reliability and customer partners who work with us again and again.

Lohmann product engineers develop adhesive solutions of the highest quality.

Customized adhesives for medical devices

Consider the variability of performance requirements—tolerance compensation, cushioning, transparency, reusable adhesion, electric or thermal conduction, and more. Lohmann adhesives and precision die-cuts are custom-engineered as functional components of high tech medical devices. In collaboration with customers, the Lohmann team addresses specific operational challenges in stabilizing working parts, ensuring durability, and optimizing instrument performance.

Developing a new device? Improving an existing technology? For design flexibility, innovative bonding solutions, and enhanced medical product performance…rely on Lohmann for high-performance medical adhesive solutions!